In mid-life Fred discovered that art was his future. The decision to sign up for a graphic arts / illustration class changed his life. The instructor helped him to develop a portfolio and urged him to pursue a career in art. Fred, his wife Jackie and two daughters moved to Southern California so he could attend Art Center College of Design. He would have to attend full time while his wife worked. With this ambitious goal, dedication, faith, and a little luck Fred graduated with honors on scholarship
in a minimum of time.

Fred's passion and dedication to illustration has not subsided. He spent the last 15 years doing everything from murals, magazine covers, graphics for television, advertising, posters, children's book illustration, to working full time as a scenic artist at Disney. While studying the Urantia book he began doodling in the margins and soon, whole pages. This evolved into sketching every spare minute, and has resulted in many more of the illustrations than you see here.
"All animal life inspires me"

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